Friday, October 28, 2011

Weight Lift Toss

Weight Lift Toss from Nneka Myers on Vimeo.

So much I want to fix ahhh! I wish I could have added more inbetweens for the lift and more anticipation and struggle but simply not enough TIME! I probably could have achieved it if I went really rough and just did the bare structure of the character but I felt that would defeat the purpose. I wanted to challenge myself with character animation, so that's what I got: a

Unfortunately it ate my entire reading week and 2 redos because I am slow, but at least it is decent. And although I got only 2 hours sleep after redrawing the bell frames at 12am and not finishing until 2:30, waking up at 5:30 and hoping on the 6:53am train to reach school, shoot it, and submit to the server before 9am, I should be proud of myself =n=; I can't even say I left it til last minute either, all I did was stay home everyday and gained 20lbs lol *hermit for lifeee*

Sigh, now that animation is out of the way time to do that essay due monday orz

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